Zwischen Philosophie und Theologie im 12. Jahrhundert: Halevi, Ibn Daud und Maimonides

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Although metaphysics as a discipline can hardly be separated from Aristotle and his works, the questions it raises were certainly known to authors even before the reception of Aristotle in the thirteenth century. Even without the explicit use of this term the twelfth century manifested a strong interest in metaphysical questions under the guise of “natural philosophy” or “divine science”, leading M.-D. Chenu to coin the expression of a twelfth century “éveil métaphysique”. In their commentaries on Boethius and under the influence of Neoplatonism, twelfth century authors not only anticipate essential elements of thirteenth century metaphysics, they also make an original contribution to the history of metaphysics by attempting to integrate the theory of first principles, philosophical theology and ontology. This volume presents and examines the contributions of the twelfth century to metaphysics made by selected Jewish, Christian and Muslim authors of the Iberian Peninsula and Francia.
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Title of host publicationMetaphysics in the Twelfth Century
Subtitle of host publicationOn the Relationship among Philosophy, Science and Theology
EditorsMatthias Lutz-Bachmann, Alexander Fidora, Andreas Niederberger
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StatePublished - 2004

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