What really undermines public acceptance of wind turbines? A choice experiment analysis in Israel

Erez Peri*, Nir Becker, Alon Tal

*Corresponding author for this work

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As of 2020, there are only 27 MW of installed wind capacity in Israel. Yet, the country's northern region is expected to soon become the site of numerous additional wind farms. The externalities associated with wind turbines frequently arouse concerns and objections among the general public. The relative apprehensions about different external effects remain poorly characterized. Moreover, the associated environmental costs with different effect are difficult to assess, especially for populations unfamiliar with turbines’ environmental impacts. The study involves a choice experiment survey among Israelis living in the country's northern region. The questionnaire evaluated perceptions of five environmental impacts caused by wind turbines: noise, visibility; bird mortality, land use and shadow flickers. Results indicate high rates of public support for wind power. Significant concerns emerged about noise pollution from turbines. Reasonable setback distances and attention to avian populations also appear necessary to assuage public opinion. Evaluation of demographic characteristics reveals disparate preferences in different populations. Findings are relevant for policy makers in ongoing efforts to design more precise environmental standards for wind power and ensure appropriate utilization of land resources. Greater attention to environmental impacts promises to improve social acceptance of wind turbines, ensuring their optimal location and ultimate contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105113
JournalLand Use Policy
StatePublished - Dec 2020


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    • Choice experiment
    • Environmental impacts
    • Social perceptions
    • Wind turbines


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