Was dor the capital of an Assyrian Province?

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The article discusses the status of the city of Dor under the Assyrian empire. Three kinds of evidence are analyzed in detail: the textual evidence, the archaeological results of the excavations conducted at the site and the status of Dor along the axis of time. The textual and the archaeological evidence reveal the importance of Dor's harbour for the Assyrians and its importance in the maritime trade along the east coast of the Mediterranean in the 7th century BCE, but they provide no decisive evidence about its place in the Assyrian province system. An examination of the status of Dor during the 11th–5th centuries BCE indicates that it was always the capital of a political entity, or of a distinct district within the larger province system. The analysis opens the door to the possibility that Dor was the capital of a separate Assyrian province that encompassed the coastal area between Mount Carmel in the north and the Jarkon River in the south, but more evidence is needed to decide whether this was indeed the case, or that Dor was a port in the confines of the province of Megiddo.

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JournalTel Aviv
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StatePublished - Jun 2009


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