Upregulation of Meis1 and HoxA9 in acute lymphocytic leukemias with the t(4 : 11) abnormality

T. Rozovskaia, E. Feinstein, O. Mor, R. Foa, J. Blechman, T. Nakamura, C. M. Croce, G. Cimino, E. Canaani*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Rearrangements of the human ALL-1 gene are frequently encountered in acute lymphocytic leukemias (ALL) and acute myeloid leukemias (AML). These rearrangements are mostly due to chromosome translocations and result in production of chimeric proteins composed of the N-terminal fragment of ALL-1 and the C-terminal segments of the partner proteins. The most common chromosome translocation involving ALL-1 is the t(4 : 11) associated with ALL. ALL-1 is the human homologue of Drosophila trithorax and directly activates transcription of multiple Hox genes. A preliminary DNA microarray screen indicated that the Meis1, HoxA9 and AC133 genes were overexpressed in ALLs with t(4: 11), compared to ALLs with very similar phenotype but without the chromosomal abnormality. These genes, as well as additional five Hox genes, were subjected to comprehensive semi-quantitative or quantitative RT-PCR analysis in 57 primary ALL and AML tumors. Meis1 and HoxA9 were found expressed in 13/14 of ALLs with the t(4 : 11) and in 8/8 of AMLs with ALL-1 rearrangements. The two genes were not consistently transcribed in other types of ALL. AC133 was transcribed in 13/14 of ALLs with t(4 : 11), but in only 4/8 of AMLs with ALL-1 rearrangements. HoxA10 was expressed in most leukemias with ALL-1 alterations, but was also transcribed in PrePreB CD10- ALLs lacking the t(4 : 11). Expression of HoxA5, HoxA7, HoxC8 and HoxC10 did not correlate with ALL-1 rearrangements. Coexpression of Meis1 and HoxA9, overexpression of HoxA10, and overexpression or fusion of HoxA9 were previously implicated in certain acute myeloid leukemias in mice and humans. The present work suggests that upregulation of Meis1, HoxA9, and possibly HoxA10 might also play a role in pathogenesis of acute lymphocytic and acute myeloid leukemias associated with ALL-1 fusions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)874-878
Number of pages5
Issue number7
StatePublished - 15 Feb 2001
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    • Acute lymphocytic leukimias
    • HoxA9
    • Meis1


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