Two sides of the coin: independence and Nakba, 1948 : two narratives of the 1948 war and its outcome

Motti Golani, Geremy Forman, Adel Manna

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Two Sides of the Coin: Independence and Nakba 1948, written by two eminent historians, Adel Manna and Motti Golani, takes the reader on a journey to the War of 1948, by offering contemporary multi-perspective narratives on the war, accompanied by maps that highlight historical events during that time. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is understood as a conflict over territory, while simultaneously it is a conflict over historical narratives. One of the most important questions asked in this conflict over narrative is: what happened in 1948? Golani and Manna have treated with delicacy and depth this highly complex and divisive question, their approach contributes significantly to a mutual understanding between Israelis and Palestinians on their common history.
Translated title of the contributionשני צידי המטבע : : עצמאות ונכבה ; שני נרטיבים של מלחמת 1948 ושל תוצאותיה
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationDordrecht
PublisherRepublic of Letters Pub
Number of pages123
ISBN (Print)9089790802, 9089790810, 9089790837, 9789089790804, 9789089790811, 9789089790835
StatePublished - 2011

Publication series

NameInstitute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation series
PublisherRepublic of Letters Pub
Volumev. 4

ULI Keywords

  • uli
  • Arab-Israeli conflict -- Personal narratives
  • Collective memory -- Israel
  • Jewish-Arab relations -- Israel
  • Palestinian Arabs -- Israel -- Social conditions
  • Zionism -- Israel -- History
  • Israel -- History -- 1948-1967
  • Israel -- History -- War of Independence, 1948-1949 -- Personal narratives
  • Palestinian Arabs -- Israel -- Relations with Jews


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