Treatment preference and tolerability with alendronate once weekly over a 3-month period: An Israeli multi-center study

Mordechai Weiss, Iris Vered, A. Joseph Foldes, Yael C. Cohen*, Yael Shamir-Elron, Sophia Ish-Shalom

*Corresponding author for this work

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Background and aims: Osteoporosis is a chronic condition requiring long-term treatment, for which compliance is not easy to achieve. 70 mg of alendronate once weekly (alendronate OW) provides equivalent efficacy to treatment with 10 mg of alendronate once a day (alendronate OD); however, there are relatively few data regarding patient and physician preferences for once-weekly vs daily dosing. The aim of this study was to measure compliance, convenience, tolerance and relative preference of alendronate OW treatment among post-menopausal women with osteoporosis and physician satisfaction, compared with previous treatment with alendronate OD. Methods: This open-label, prospective multi-center trial was conducted at 14 hospitals and 150 primary-care community clinics in Israel. Post-menopausal osteoporotic women (n=3710), who had been treated for at least 1 month with alendronate OD during the preceding year, were treated with alendronate OW for 12 weeks. Convenience, satisfaction, tolerance and relative preference of alendronate OW during the trial, compared with past experience with alendronate OD, were recorded. Results: Overall, 96% of the patients preferred the alendronate OW regimen to the 10-mg daily dosage. Nearly all (98%) the patients who completed 12 weeks of treatment, including 77% of patients who had previously discontinued daily treatment due to intolerance, were willing to continue the alendronate OW regimen. Patient-reported compliance with dosing instructions was over 98%. Alendronate OW was well tolerated; only 2.8% of patients discontinued, due to adverse events. Physicians were highly satisfied with the once-weekly dosing regimen, and recommended continued treatment with alendronate OW for 99% of the patients. Conclusions: The majority of post-menopausal women with osteoporosis, including those who were previously intolerant to alendronate OD, preferred alendronate OW to the once-daily dosing regimen. It is important to consider patient preference when selecting the appropriate treatment for osteoporosis.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)143-149
Number of pages7
JournalAging clinical and experimental research
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 2005


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    • Alendronate
    • Drug tolerability
    • Once-weekly dosage
    • Osteoporosis
    • Post-menopausal women
    • Treatment preference


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