The presence of musculoskeletal disorders among amateur bowlers

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Background: With increasing numbers of adults taking part in amateur athletic activity during leisure hours there have been indications that amateur athletic activity may have negative effects on musculoskeletal disease. A literature review focusing on musculoskeletal injuries among bowlers provided only limited references. Study objectives: Studying the characteristic of bowlers complaining of musculoskeletal disorders in general and of upper extremity cumulative trauma disorders specifically, and locating the factors that statistically predict musculoskeletal disorders among Israeli bowlers. Methods: The research population includes 98 amateur bowlers who attended two bowling clubs (cluster sampling). Musculoskeletal disorders of the research population were assessed by subjective report using the Standardized Nordic Questionnaires. Further use was made of questionnaires concerning bio-demographic data, work assessment, and the characteristics of the bowling game. Results: Sixty two percent of bowlers reported the presence of musculoskeletal symptoms in one or more of their body joints during the preceding year. Regression analysis with the number of painful joints in the upper extremities as a dependent variable revealed one main predictor: the number of leagues in which the bowler participated (β = 0.22, p < 0.03). When the dependent variable was the number of painful joints in the entire body, the statistical predictor was the average achievement of the bowlers (β = 0.40, p < 0.001). Conclusions: Research findings shed light on the unique musculoskeletal disorders of bowlers. Bowlers should be instructed with regard to what are the safe limits of their leisure activities.

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StatePublished - 2008


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