The Linkage Between Solar Insolation and Dust in the Major World Deserts

J. Barkan, Pinhas Alpert

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The annual link between the solar insolation, the surface temperature, and the dust load in the atmosphere as estimated by the TOMS Aerosol Index was compared in five major sandy deserts around the globe.
A high correlation was found between the insolation and the dust in all deserts, while the correlation of dust with temperature was lower. The peaks of the insolation and the dust occurred almost simultaneously on the same date in three out of the five deserts i.e. Sahara, S.W. North American, Atacama. In the other two deserts i.e., Australian, Taklimakan, the peak of the dust occurs earlier in the year. The temperature peaks occur on a later date in all the deserts. Our conclusion is, that in the deserts of the world the radiation is the major cause of the total dust loading.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)101-113
JournalOpen Atmospheric Science Journal
StatePublished - 26 May 2010


  • Desert
  • Dust
  • Temperature
  • TOMS
  • Insolation


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