The discourse of human rights in the Israeli media

Amal Jamal, Kholod Massalha

Research output: Book/ReportBook


coverage of human and civil rights. It focuses on Hebrew Israeli media and examines the method of coverage and the prominence of human rights in its agenda. Furthermore, it discusses the extent of Hebrew media’s coverage of political, social, cultural and religious rights of multiple groups comprising Israeli society. This is a groundbreaking study, whose central issue has never before been consistently and adequately addressed. The study was conducted in April-July, 2011. The sample includes Israel’s primary media outlets: the newspapers Yedioth Ahronot, Ma’ariv, Ha’aretz, Israel Hayom, and the news broadcasts on the television stations Channel 1, Channel 2, and Channel 10. Despite the fact that the sample does not include all Israeli media outlets, the breadth and the quantity of the covered articles in this study allow us to reach general conclusions regarding Israeli media’s coverage of human rights, especially considering the great similarity between various media outlets’ discourse on these issues in Israeli media.. - from the executive summary
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationNazareth
PublisherILAM - Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel
Number of pages112
ISBN (Print)9657538076, 9789657538074
StatePublished - 2012

ULI Keywords

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  • Human rights -- Press coverage -- Israel
  • Journalism -- Social aspects -- Israel
  • Mass media -- Social aspects -- Israel
  • Social problems -- Press coverage -- Israel


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