The apheis project: Air pollution and health-A European information system

Sylvia Medina*, Alain L. Le Tertre, Michael Saklad, Antonis Analitis, Giota Touloumi, Klea Katsouyanni, Lucía Artazcoz, Antoni Plasència, Manuel Gonzalez-Cabré, Natalia Valero, Koldo Cambra, Eva Alonso, Francisco Cirarda, Teresa Martínez, Catherine Bouland, Emilia Maria Niciu, Anna Paldy, Eszter Erdei, Janos Bobvos, Jozsef FodorKrystyna Szafraniec, Pat Goodman, Luke Clancy, Michael Schümann, Herman Neus, Agnès Lefranc, Sylvie Cassadou, Pascal Fabre, Hélène Prouvost, Christophe Declerq, David Borrelli, Sophie Larrieu, Laurence Pascal, Jean François Jusot, Myriam d'Elf, Sabine Host, Benoit Chardon, Tina Gale, Peter Otorepec, Mateij Gregoric, Richard Atkinson, Ross Anderson, Saint George's, Mercedes Martínez, Belén Zorrilla, Elena Boldo, Laura Lopez, José Frutos, Vladimira Puklova, Helena Kazmarova, Ursula Kirchmayer, Paola Michelozzi, Inmaculada Aguilera, Silvia Toro, Antonio Daponte, Piedad Martin-Olmedo, Reind van Doorn, Ingrid Walda, Bertil Forsberg, Bo Segerstedt, Lars Modig, Sarah Hellmann, Ayana Goren, Rony Braunstein, Ferrán Ballester, Carmen Iñíguez, José Luis Bosch, Hanns Moshammer, Manfred Neuberger

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


At a time when the Health Effects Institute, Centers for Disease Control, and Environmental Protection Agency are creating an Environmental Public Health Tracking Program on Air Pollution Effects in the USA, it seemed useful to share the experience acquired since 1999 by the Apheis project (Air Pollution and Health-A European Information System), which has tracked the effects of air pollution on health in 26 European cities and continues to do so as the new Aphekom project. In particular, this paper first describes the continuing impact of air pollution on health in Europe, how the Apheis project came to be and evolved, what its main objectives and achievements have been, and how the project benefited its participants. The paper then summarizes the main learnings of the Apheis project.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)185-198
Number of pages14
JournalAir Quality, Atmosphere and Health
Issue number4
StatePublished - 2009


FundersFunder number
European Commission


    • Air pollution
    • Apheis
    • Aphekom
    • Public health surveillance


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