D. L. Alspach*, M. Athans, Y. Bar-Shalom, R. P. Wishner, D. Beaulier, H. Kaufman, M. W. Bird, M. Blum, B. Z. Bobrovsky, R. S. Bucy, M. J. Merritt, D. S. Miller, J. L. Center

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Topics discussed are estimation, Kalman and noninear filters, identification, digital communication, nagivation analysis, signal detection, discrete systems, some computational aspects in filtering and biological signal processing. Following is a list of titles and authors. Identification of Turbopump Rotating Assembly Parameters. By D. L. Alspach. Compensated Kalman Filter. By M. Athans. On the Prediction of Closed-Loop Covariances in Tracking and Data Compression. By Y. Bar-Shalom and R. P. Wishner. Adaptive Parameter Tracking. By D. Beaulier and H. Kaufman. Elimination of Kalman Filter Divergence Due to Quantization Errors. By M. W. Bird. Recursive Algorithms for Spline Filters. By M. Blum. Upper Bounds on the Mean Square Error of Certain One Dimensional Diffusion Processes. By B. Z. Bobrovsky. Realization of Non-Linear Filters. By R. S. Bucy. Hybrid Computer Synthesis of Optimal Discrete Nonlinear Filters. By R. S. Bucy, M. J. Merritt and D. S. Miller. Practical Nonlinear Filtering of Discrete Observations by Generalized Least Squares Approximation of the Conditional Probability Distribution. By J. L. Center, Jr.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 1971


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