Study of the decay D0→K-K-K+π+

E. M. Aitala*, S. Amato, J. C. Anjos, J. A. Appel, D. Ashery, S. Banerjee, I. Bediaga, G. Blaylock, S. B. Bracker, P. R. Burchat, R. A. Burnstein, T. Carter, H. S. Carvalho, N. K. Copty, L. M. Cremaldi, C. Darling, K. Denisenko, S. Devmal, A. Fernandez, G. F. FoxP. Gagnon, S. Gerzon, C. Gobel, K. Gounder, A. M. Halling, G. Herrera, G. Hurvits, C. James, P. A. Kasper, S. Kwan, D. C. Langs, J. Leslie, J. Lichtenstadt, B. Lundberg, S. MayTal-Beck, B. Meadows, J. R.T. De Mello Neto, D. Mihalcea, R. H. Milburn, J. M. De Miranda, A. Napier, A. Nguyen, A. B. D'Oliveira, K. O'Shaughnessy, K. C. Peng, L. P. Perera, M. V. Purohit, B. Quinn, S. Radeztsky, A. Rafatian, N. W. Reay, J. J. Reidy, A. C. Dos Reis, H. A. Rubin, D. A. Sanders, A. K.S. Santha, A. F.S. Santoro, A. J. Schwartz, M. Sheaff, R. A. Sidwell, A. J. Slaughter, M. D. Sokoloff, J. Solano, N. R. Stanton, R. J. Stefanski, K. Stenson, D. J. Summers, S. Takach, K. Thorne, A. K. Tripathi, S. Watanabe, R. Weiss-Babai, J. Wiener, N. Witchey, E. Wolin, S. M. Yang, D. Yi, S. Yoshida, R. Zaliznyak, C. Zhang

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Using data from the E791 fixed-target hadroproduction experiment at Fermilab, we have studied the Cabibbo-favored but phase-space-suppressed decay D0→K-K-K+π+. We find the decay rate for this mode to be (0.54±0.16±0.08) × 10-2 times that for the normalization mode D0→K-π-π+π +. We observe a clear signal for D0→φK-π+ which is consistent with producing 0.7±0.3 of the D0→K-K-K+π+ signal. In the context of simple models, we use our measurements to estimate the importance of decay amplitudes that produce extra quark-antiquark pairs from the vacuum relative to those that do not.

Original languageEnglish
Article number112003
Number of pages8
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number11
StatePublished - 1 Dec 2001


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