Soybean NAC transcription factors promote abiotic stress tolerance and lateral root formation in transgenic plants

Yu Jun Hao, Wei Wei, Qing Xin Song, Hao Wei Chen, Yu Qin Zhang, Fang Wang, Hong Feng Zou, Gang Lei, Ai Guo Tian, Wan Ke Zhang, Biao Ma, Jin Song Zhang*, Shou Yi Chen

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


NAC transcription factors play important roles in plant growth, development and stress responses. Previously, we identified multiple NAC genes in soybean (Glycine max). Here, we identify the roles of two genes, GmNAC11 and GmNAC20, in stress responses and other processes. The two genes were differentially induced by multiple abiotic stresses and plant hormones, and their transcripts were abundant in roots and cotyledons. Both genes encoded proteins that localized to the nucleus and bound to the core DNA sequence CGT[G/A]. In the protoplast assay system, GmNAC11 acts as a transcriptional activator, whereas GmNAC20 functions as a mild repressor; however, the C-terminal end of GmANC20 has transcriptional activation activity. Over-expression of GmNAC20 enhances salt and freezing tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis plants; however, GmNAC11 over-expression only improves salt tolerance. Over-expression of GmNAC20 also promotes lateral root formation. GmNAC20 may regulate stress tolerance through activation of the DREB/CBF-COR pathway, and may control lateral root development by altering auxin signaling-related genes. GmNAC11 probably regulates DREB1A and other stress-related genes. The roles of the two GmNAC genes in stress tolerance were further analyzed in soybean transgenic hairy roots. These results provide a basis for genetic manipulation to improve the agronomic traits of important crops.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)302-313
Number of pages12
JournalPlant Journal
Issue number2
StatePublished - Oct 2011
Externally publishedYes


  • NAC protein
  • lateral root
  • soybean
  • stress tolerance
  • transcription factor
  • transgenic plants


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