Some physical foundations of geodynamics

Arkady L. Aleĭnikov, Viktor Tikhonovich Belikov, Lev V. Eppelbaum

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The book describes the nature of geodynamic processes and the Earth’s evolution. Detailed analysis of energy transformation problem in the process of the Earth’s evolution allowed concluding that the transformation is non-monotone developing in time and space that may be a reason of pulsation character of tectogenesis. With the aim to study the Earth’s matter, evolutionary equations describing heterogeneous medium were formulated. For the first time equations of mass balance, impulse, a moment of impulse, and energy of the Earth are considered as a whole. This is the main difference from other books. Investigation of gravitating rotating model of a sphere with a liquid core indicates that the character of the strained condition and value of the horizontal tensions in the planet envelope is determined by the dimension of the liquid core and pressure at its boundary. In the book also are analyzed problems of the lithosphere envelope stability, linear folding belt generation, dynamics of asthenosphere and lithosphere interaction (including nonlinear effects), reasons of the magmatic focus generation in the riftogenesis zone as well as the physical conditions necessary for the oceanic bottom spreading and the continental riftogenesis.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationTel Aviv, Israel
PublisherKedem Printing House
Number of pages172
ISBN (Print)9789655550597, 9655550591
StatePublished - 2001


  • Geodynamics

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