Semantic and pragmatic aspects of Asma' al-Fi'l according to Arab grammarians

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Asmāʾ al-fiʿl (also called asmāʾ al-afʿāl and asmāʾ li-l-fiʿl) are a heterogeneous category of interjections that convey meanings equivalent to those of certain (mostly imperative) verbs. Arab grammarians consider asmāʾ al-fiʿl nouns. This article deals with Arab grammarians’ views regarding three issues related to asmāʾ al-fiʿl: limitations on their use, the purpose of replacing verbs with them, and the function of tanwīn in them. Keywords: asmāʾ al-fiʿl, interjections, emphasis, tanwīn, definiteness.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)pp. 189-217 (English section)
Journalالكرمل al-Karmil: Studies in Arabic language and literature
StatePublished - 2021

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  • Arabic language -- Inflection
  • Definiteness (Linguistics)
  • Grammar, Comparative and general -- Interjections


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