Self-administered daylight-activated photodynamic therapy for the treatment of hand eczema: A prospective proof-of-concept study

Noa Kremer, Shany Sherman, Moshe Lapidoth, Claes D. Enk, Yael Anne Leshem, Tomer Mimouni, Dean Dudkiewicz, Emmilia Hodak, Assi Levi

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Photodynamic therapy (PDT), traditionally used in patients with nonmelanoma skin cancer, has been found to be effective for various inflammatory skin conditions. Daylight-activated PDT (DL-PDT), in which the sun serves as the light source, is substantially less painful than conventional PDT. This study aimed to determine the safety and efficacy of DL-PDT in a series of patients with chronic hand eczema (CHE). A proof-of-concept prospective design was used. Eight patients diagnosed with CHE at a tertiary dermatology clinic underwent DL-PDT. The first treatment was administered at the clinic and subsequent treatments (up to four total) were self-administered at home at 2-week intervals. Outcome was evaluated with the Investigator Global Assessment (IGA; score 0-4), Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI; score 0-24), and blinded review of clinical photographs (graded on a quartile scale by percent improvement). There were six male and two female patients of mean age 35 years. All underwent at least three treatments. The IGA score improved by 2.5 points at 1 month, 2.7 at 3 months, and 2.2 at 6 months post-treatment, and the DLQI score improved by 7.9, 6.6, and 6.1 points, respectively. Clinical photograph grades improved by 2.9 points at 3 months. Side effects were mild and transient. All patients had some degree of recurrence after 6 months of treatment. The self-administered DL-PDT is easy to perform, moderately effective, and safe to use in patients with CHE. Repeated treatments might be required to maintain remission.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere14329
JournalDermatologic Therapy
Issue number6
StatePublished - 1 Nov 2020


  • chronic hand eczema
  • daylight activated-PDT
  • self-administered


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