Salvage Mathieu urethroplasty: Reuse of local tissue in failed hypospadias repair

Yuval Bar-Yosef, Joseph Binyamini, Haim Matzkin, Jacob Ben-Chaim

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Objectives. To report our experience with Mathieu urethroplasty for revision of hypospadias repairs. Mathieu perimeatal-based flap urethroplasty remains a popular technique more than seven decades after its description for single-stage hypospadias repair. The excellent results of primary distal hypospadias repair are well documented, but reports of the results using the technique as a salvage procedure are sparse. The reuse of local tissue may be hampered by the presence of scar tissue and reduced vascularity. Methods. A total of 40 patients underwent salvage urethral reconstruction. Of the 40 patients, 34 (mean age 70 months, range 11 to 216) underwent salvage Mathieu urethroplasty. All patients underwent surgery at least 6 months after the previous surgery. One, two, and three or more prior procedures had been performed in 22, 6, and 6 patients, respectively. The mean follow-up period was 29 months (range 1 to 84). In 6 patients, local tissue was scarred and immobile, and they underwent the procedure using buccal mucosal grafts. Results. Satisfactory functional and cosmetic results after the initial procedure were achieved in 25 patients (74%). Two patients underwent reoperation for repair of meatal stenosis, and 5 (15%) underwent simple repair of fistula without the need for urethral reconstruction. Two patients underwent reoperation at other medical centers and were lost to follow-up. Overall, cure was achieved in 32 (94%) of the 34 patients. Conclusions. Mathieu urethroplasty is an efficient technique for salvage hypospadias repair. Patient selection is the key to successful repair. Despite the effects of previous surgery, local tissue of adequate quality to facilitate repair exists in most patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1212-1215
Number of pages4
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 2005
Externally publishedYes


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