Pulse splitting in the anomalous group-velocity-dispersion regime

Samuel E. Schrauth, Bonggu Shim, Aaron D. Slepkov, Luat T. Vuong, Alexander L. Gaeta, Nir Gavish, Gadi Fibich

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We investigate experimentally the role that the initial temporal profile of ultrashort laser pulses has on the self-focusing dynamics in the anomalous group-velocity dispersion (GVD) regime. We observe that pulse-splitting occurs for super-Gaussian pulses, but not for Gaussian pulses. The splitting does not occur for either pulse shape when the GVD is near-zero. These observations agree with predictions based on the nonlinear Schrödinger equation, and can be understood intuitively using the method of nonlinear geometrical optics.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)9309-9314
Number of pages6
JournalOptics Express
Issue number10
StatePublished - 9 May 2011


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