Preparing solutions based on industrial waste for fractured surface strengthening

Sh K. Aitkazinova, Bek, K. N. Derbisov, N. S. Donenbayeva, M. Nurpeissova, E. Levin

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Results of longstanding researches of Satbayev University scientists on the development of modified building materials to strengthen cracked mountain structures based on industrial waste are considered. Industrial processing of technogenic raw materials (enrichment and processing waste, overburden and enclosing rocks), which is similar in composition to natural and used in conventional trend, scarcely different from industrial processing of mineral raw materials. Creation of effective technologies for the processing of technogenic raw materials is an urgent task, which make it possible to obtain competitive products from it for various industries. Various methods of preparing solutions for strengthening of fractured rocks and building structures are analyzed. Research results of tailings of the Balkhash Mining and Metallurgical Combine and preparing solutions for strengthening fractured rocks and underground mining structures are presented. Rock mass strengthening in cracked areas is achieved by adding substances into the cracks, which after hardening and solidification with rocks, increase its shearing resistance characteristics. The most widespread hardening methods were cementation during mine workings (underground structures) in fractured rocks. Significance of obtained results for construction industry is in expansion and reproduction of raw material base of building materials industry through the use of Mining and metallurgical complex waste (tailings) and development of resource-saving technologies. Practical significance of work is in the detailed development of modified method for the production of building materials and products.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)13-20
Number of pages8
JournalNews of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences
Issue number443
StatePublished - 2020
Externally publishedYes


  • Building materials
  • Cracks
  • Field development
  • Fracturing
  • Mine site
  • Mining waste
  • Modified solutions
  • Rock mass caving
  • Strengthening


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