Perinatal outcome of triplet pregnancies following assisted reproduction

Shevach Friedler*, Nathan Mordel, Shlomo Lipitz, Shlomo Mashiach, Marek Glezerman, Neri Laufer

*Corresponding author for this work

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Purpose: This collaborative work was undertaken to assess perinatal outcome of in vivo conceived triplets to those following in vitro fertilization and assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Methods: 151 triplets were examined; 56 delivered following ART, 55 following ovulation induction by gonadotropins (GN), 27 following clomiphene citrate (CC), and 13 conceived spontaneously. Results: Mean gestational length of triplets following ART (33.2 wks) was not different from those conceived following GN (33.4 wks) or CC (34.2 wks), but was significantly shorter compared to triplets following spontaneous conception (35.3 wks). Mean fetal birthweight following ART (1743 g) did not differ significantly from that following GN (1683 g) or CC (1863 g) but was significantly lower compared to those delivered after spontaneous conception (1963 g). Although no difference was found in the incidence of low birthweight infants between the groups studied, the incidence of very low birthweight newborns (<1500 g) following ART or GN was significantly higher than following spontaneous conceptions (30.6%, 30.3% vs 10.3%). Differences in perinatal mortality were not significantly different between the groups examined (77.9, 60.6, 111.0, 25.6/1000 for ART, GN, CC, and spontaneous conceptions respectively). Conclusion: In conclusion, a similar perinatal outcome was shown for triplets conceived following ART and those following ovulation induction by GN, suggesting that the in vitro conditions as such were not the main contributing factor influencing the clinical outcome but rather the GN treatment. Triplets conceived spontaneously have a better outcome compared to those following ovulation induction or ART in terms of gestational length and birthweight.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)459-462
Number of pages4
JournalJournal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics
Issue number9
StatePublished - Oct 1994
Externally publishedYes


  • ART triplets
  • perinatal outcome
  • spontaneous triplets


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