Open-source computational simulation of moth-inspired navigation algorithm: A benchmark framework

Yiftach Golov*, Noam Benelli, Roi Gurka, Ally Harari, Gregory Zilman, Alex Liberzon

*Corresponding author for this work

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Olfactory navigation is defined as a task of a self-propelled navigator with some sensors capabilities to detect odor (or scalar concentration) convected and diffused in a windy environment. Known for their expertise in locating an odor source, male moths feature a bio-inspirational model of olfactory navigation using chemosensory. Many studies have developed moths-inspired algorithms based on proposed strategies of odor-sourcing. However, comparing among various bio-inspired strategies is challenging, due to the lack of a componential framework that allows statistical comparison of their performances, in a controlled environment. This work aims at closing this gap, using an open source, freely accessible simulation framework. To demonstrate the applicability of our simulated framework as a benchmarking tool, we implemented two different moth-inspired navigation strategies; for each strategy, specific modifications in the navigation module were carried out, resulting in four different navigation models. We tested the performance of moth-like navigators of these models through various wind and odor spread parameters in a virtual turbulent environment. The performance of the navigators was comprehensively analyzed using bio-statistical tests. This benchmark-ready simulation framework could be useful for the biology-oriented, as well as engineering-oriented studies, assisting in deducing the evolutionary efficient strategies and improving self-propelled autonomous systems in complex environments. • The open-source framework `Mothpy' provides a computational platform that simulates the behavior of moth-like navigators, using two main inputs to be modified by the user: (1) flow condition; and (2) navigation strategy. • `Mothpy' can be used as a benchmarking platform to compare the performance of multiple moth-like navigators, under various physical environments, and different searching strategies. • Method name: Mothpy 0.0.1' - an open-source moth-inspired navigator simulator.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101529
StatePublished - Jan 2021


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United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation2013399
Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China603/17


    • Bio-inspiration
    • Moths
    • Navigation strategies
    • Odor localization
    • Simulation framework
    • `Mothpy 0.0.1' - an open-source moth-inspired navigator simulator


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