On Time: Technology and Temporality in Modern Egypt

On Barak*

*Corresponding author for this work

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In this pioneering history of transportation and communication in the modern Middle East, On Barak argues that contrary to accepted wisdom technological modernity in Egypt did not drive a sense of time focused on standardization only. Surprisingly, the introduction of the steamer, railway, telegraph, tramway, and telephone in colonial Egypt actually triggered the development of unique timekeeping practices that resignified and subverted the typical modernist infatuation with expediency and promptness. These countertempos, predicated on uneasiness over "dehumanizing" European standards of efficiency, sprang from and contributed to non-linear modes of arranging time. Barak shows how these countertempos formed and developed with each new technological innovation during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, contributing to a particularly Egyptian sense of time that extends into the present day, exerting influence over contemporary political language in the Arab world. The universal notion of a modern mechanical standard time and the deviations supposedly characterizing non-Western settings "from time immemorial," On Time provocatively argues, were in fact mutually constitutive and mutually reinforcing.

Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBerkeley
PublisherUniversity of California Press
Number of pages341
ISBN (Electronic)0520276132, 0520276140, 0520956567, 1299713262, 9780520276130, 9780520276147, 9780520956568, 9781299713260
ISBN (Print)9780520276147
StatePublished - 2013

ULI Keywords

  • uli
  • Technology -- Social aspects -- Egypt
  • Time perception -- Social aspects -- Egypt
  • Time -- Social aspects -- Egypt
  • Egypt -- History -- British occupation, 1882-1936
  • Egypt -- Social conditions -- 19th century
  • Egypt -- Social conditions -- 20th century
  • מצרים -- מצב חברתי -- המאה ה-20
  • مصر -- الأحوال الاجتماعية -- القرن ٢٠
  • British occupation, Egypt, 1882-1936


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