Neuroprotection in progressive brain disorders

Ruth Djaldetti, Nirit Lev, Eldad Melamed

Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review


Progressive neurodegenerative disorders share common mechanisms of cell death, and in all likelihood multiple factors are involved in every disease. Therefore, several neuroprotective agents are being investigated with the purpose of slowing or preventing further deterioration of cell toss. These include experimental animal and clinical studies on the neuroprotective effects of caspase inhibitors, antioxidants, glutamate antagonists, anti-inflammatory agents and trophic factors in several neurodegenerative diseases. At present there is limited clinical evidence for direct neuroprotective effects against these diseases, but much effort is being invested in research on novel technologies and compounds.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)576-580
Number of pages5
JournalIsrael Medical Association Journal
Issue number8
StatePublished - 1 Aug 2003


  • Degenerative diseases
  • Neuroprotection


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