Monkey Business at Deir el-Medina

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This Festschrift for Antonio Loprieno – the renowned Egyptologist, linguist, and former Rector of Basel University – is titled Fuzzy Boundaries for a reason. Professor Loprieno stands in the forefront of scholars who have been introducing the idea of fuzzy concepts, derived from philosophy, into cultural studies, and it characterises his academic career and interests also more broadly. Antonio Loprieno's friends and colleagues from across the globe – including Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Britain, the US, Sweden, and Switzerland – address this dynamic idea in their contributions. Their work is brought together in this collection of papers spanning over a thousand pages and encompassing a range of studies as diverse in their approaches as their authorship is international. The Festschrift is divided into four parts, each celebrating a different facet of Antonio Loprieno's academic persona: language and script
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFuzzy boundaries
Subtitle of host publicationFestschrift für Antonio Loprieno
EditorsHans Amstutz, Andreas Dorn, Matthias Müller, Miriam Ronsdorf, Sami Uljas
Place of PublicationHamburg
PublisherWidmaier Verlag
Number of pages13
ISBN (Print)9783943955606
StatePublished - 2015


  • Egyptian language
  • שפה מצרית
  • Linguistics
  • בלשנות
  • اللسانيّات
  • Inscriptions, Egyptian
  • כתובות, מצרית
  • Egyptology
  • אגיפטולוגיה
  • Language and culture
  • לשון ותרבות
  • اللغة والثقافة
  • Literature, Ancient
  • ספרות עתיקה
  • Loprieno, Antonio


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