Michel Houellebecq, the cassandra of freedom: submission and decline

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" On 7 January 2015, the day of the murderous attack on the offices of the Paris satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, the cover of the current issue showed a drunken Michel Houellebecq in a wizard's cap making two prophecies: "In 2016 I will lose my teeth. In 2022 I will observe Ramadan." Houellebecq had previously described Islam as "the stupidest of religions." But on that day, as terrorists sought to bring the justice of Islam to blasphemers for whom Michel Houellebecq was insufficiently anti-Islamic, Houellebecq's novel Submission, depicting the democratic conquest of France by the Muslim Brotherhood, was published by Flammarion. In this collection, an international cast of authorities on politics and literature discuss the meaning and unprecedented impact of Michel Houellebecq's Submission."
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLeiden; Boston
Number of pages233
ISBN (Electronic)9789004498136
ISBN (Print)9789004498129
StatePublished - 2021

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Volumevolume 454

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  • Administration -- Political science
  • Civil government
  • Commonwealth, The -- Political science
  • Government
  • Houellebecq, Michel -- Criticism and interpretation
  • Political science
  • Political theory
  • Political thought
  • Politics -- Political science
  • Postmodernism -- Political aspects
  • Science, Political
  • Theory of state
  • מדעי המדינה
  • العلوم السياسية


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