Measurement of the b quark forward-backward asymmetry around the Z0 peak using an inclusive tag

G. Abbiendi, C. Ainsley, P. F. Åkesson, G. Alexander, J. Allison, P. Amaral, G. Anagnostou, K. J. Anderson, S. Arcelli, S. Asai, D. Axen, G. Azuelos, I. Bailey, E. Barberio, R. J. Barlow, R. J. Batley, P. Bechtle, T. Behnke, K. W. Bell, P. J. BellG. Bella, A. Bellerive, G. Benelli, S. Bethke, O. Biebel, I. J. Bloodworth, O. Boeriu, P. Bock, D. Bonacorsi, M. Boutemeur, S. Braibant, L. Brigliadori, R. M. Brown, K. Buesser, H. J. Burckhart, S. Campana, R. K. Carnegie, B. Caron, A. A. Carter, J. R. Carter, C. Y. Chang, D. G. Charlton, A. Csilling, M. Cuffiani, S. Dado, G. M. Dallavalle, S. Dallison, A. De Roeck, E. A. De Wolf, K. Desch, B. Dienes, M. Donkers, J. Dubbert, E. Duchovni, G. Duckeck, I. P. Duerdoth, E. Elfgren, E. Etzion, F. Fabbri, L. Feld, P. Ferrari, F. Fiedler, I. Fleck, M. Ford, A. Frey, A. Fürtjes, P. Gagnon, J. W. Gary, G. Gaycken, C. Geich-Gimbel, G. Giacomelli, P. Giacomelli, M. Giunta, J. Goldberg, E. Gross, J. Grunhaus, M. Gruwé, P. O. Günther, A. Gupta, C. Hajdu, M. Hamann, G. G. Hanson, K. Harder, A. Harel, M. Harin-Dirac, M. Hauschild, J. Hauschildt, C. M. Hawkes, R. Hawkings, R. J. Hemingway, C. Hensel, G. Herten, R. D. Heuer, J. C. Hill, K. Hoffman, R. J. Homer, D. Horváth, R. Howard

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The b quark forward-backward asymmetry has been measured using hadronic Z0 decays collected by the OPAL experiment at LEP. Z0 → bb̄ decays were selected using a combination of secondary vertex and lepton tags, and the sign of the b quark charge was determined using an inclusive tag based on jet, vertex and kaon charges. The results, corrected to the quark level, are: AFBb= 0.0582 ± 0.0153 ± 0.0012 at √s = 89.50 GeV, AFBb= 0.0977 ± 0.0036 ± 0.0018 at √s = 91.26 GeV, AFBb= 0.1221 ± 0.0123 ± 0.0025 at √s = 92.91 GeV, where the first error is statistical and the second systematic in each case. Within the framework of the Standard Model, the result is interpreted as a measurement of the effective weak mixing angle for electrons of sin2θweff,e = 0.23205 ± 0.00068.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)29-47
Number of pages19
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Issue number1-2
StatePublished - 17 Oct 2002


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