Managerial Promotions in a Public Agency: Implications for Second Careers

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The actual mobility paths of 94 managers in an Israeli government agency were analyzed in order to identify important career enhancers. Data from computerized personnel files were analyzed via transition matrices and statistical analyses. Two factors enhancing managerial careers emerged: an entry field job (an assessment position) and previous military career (an assessment career). These informal career contingencies may reflect a latent opportunity structure not formally recognized by the organization, but perhaps understood and internalized by members. By implication, managers who recognize such contingencies and manage their careers accordingly may become better adjusted to new career environments. In addition, 2nd careerists, whose principal mode of adjustment to novel settings is replication of past experiences, may enhance their new careers in familiar rather than unknown terrain. Thus for retired officers, service in the public sector may be an effective career choice.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)21-29
JournalThe International Journal of Career Management
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1992


  • Business And Economics--Management
  • Government agency
  • Statistics
  • Transition matrix
  • Management
  • Promotion
  • Statistical data
  • Military officers
  • Government agencies
  • Factors
  • Employee promotions
  • Career changes
  • Careers
  • Public sector
  • Employment
  • Military service
  • Hypotheses
  • Skills
  • Israel
  • 9178:Middle East
  • 6200:Training & development
  • 9140:Statistical Data
  • 9550:Public sector organizations


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