Loneliness among children with special needs: theory, research, coping, and intervention

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Loneliness Among Children With Special Needs is a groundbreaking volume that examines this vitally important, but heretofore neglected topic. Based on the shared view, from both clinical experience and research, that children with disabilities experience more loneliness than nondisabled children. This book integrates the existing knowledge, research, and applications in order to provide a model for the examination and understanding of the loneliness experiences of children with learning disabilities, behavior disorders, mild mental retardation, and emotional difficulties. Divided into five sections, the first attempts to clarify the characteristics of the lonely child, followed by a section with chapters devoted to environments and interpersonal relations. The third section is concerned with the subtyping of loneliness and adjustment and the fourth section discusses the outcomes comes of loneliness through coping and interventions. The final section provides a summary of the research using the proposed loneliness model for children with disabilities. This volume is essential reading for all researchers, clinicians, educators and students who work with children with special needs and who, as stated in the Preface, "see the importance of companionship for promoting growth of children with special needs and the costs of loneliness for current life and future adjustment.".
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationNew York
Number of pages228
ISBN (Electronic)9781461226222
ISBN (Print)9780387941585, 9781461276111, 0387941584
StatePublished - 1994

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