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The Introduction unveils K.C. Bhattacharyya’s (KCB’s) philosophical project, his oeuvre, and his key concepts: the subject (drawing on the Upaniṣadic-Śaṅkarite Ātman as much as on Kant and Hegel), freedom (in the spheres of knowing, willing, and feeling), and alternation (between the absolutes of truth, freedom, and value which stand at the horizon of knowing, willing, and feeling, respectively, and even between philosophical traditions and texts). The introduction further aims to characterize KCB’s unique style of writing, suggesting (and showing how and why) he writes in English, thinking through Sanskrit terms. The introduction surveys previous literature on KCB, focusing in each case on one instance which sheds light on KCB’s project, and introducing Kalidas Bhattacharyya and George Burch as KCB’s foremost commentators. Finally, the Introduction includes a short synopsis of each of the chapters, aiming to show how they complement one another as to reveal a broad picture of KCB’s philosophy as the foundation stone of contemporary Indian philosophy. This unique genre (not just historical period) of philosophy is in fact comparative philosophy without borders, drawing simultaneously – like KCB, following KCB – on classical Indian philosophical sources and on Western sources, old and new.
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StatePublished - 2023

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  • Krishnachandra Bhattacharyya -- 1875-1949
  • Bhattacharyya, K. C -- 1875-1949


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