In Search for Rules

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How is navigation possible between dogmatism and relativism? Traditionally, the chief aims of the rules were first to prevent error and second to reveal the truth. This is an excess. Fallibilism tries to rectify the situation. The central problem that Fallibilism raises is, what error is allowable, reasonable, or even fruitful? Philosophers of science deem science a success story and seek rules for total success. Feyerabend exposed this as a serious error, defending the freedom of speech that includes the freedom to assert foolish ideas. He offered this as a critique of the idea of rationality. It is but the view that rationality is not legally obligatory. It still is advisable.

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StatePublished - 2014

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  • District Attorney
  • Metaphysical System
  • Scientific Worldview
  • Total Success
  • Widespread View


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