Hybrid Therapy (Surgery and Radiosurgery) for the Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma Spinal Metastases

Ibrahim Hussain, Jacob L. Goldberg, Joseph A. Carnevale, Samuel Z. Hanz, Anne S. Reiner, Adam Schmitt, Daniel S. Higginson, Yoshiya Yamada, Ilya Laufer, Mark H. Bilsky, Ori Barzilai*

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


BACKGROUND: The management of spinal metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) is controversial regarding extent of resection and radiation dosing. OBJECTIVE: To determine outcomes in patients treated with hybrid therapy (separation surgery plus adjuvant stereotactic body radiation therapy [SBRT]) for mRCC. METHODS: A retrospective study of a prospectively collected cohort of patients undergoing hybrid therapy for mRCC between 2003 and 2017 was performed. SBRT was delivered as high-dose single-fraction, high-dose hypofractionated, or low-dose hypofractionated. Extent of disease, clinical and operative outcomes, and complications data were collected, and associations with overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival were determined. RESULTS: Ninety patients with mRCC with high-grade epidural spinal cord compression (ESCC grades 2 and 3) were treated. Metastases were widespread, oligometastatic, and solitary in 56%, 33%, and 11% of patients, respectively. SBRT delivered was high-dose single-fraction, high-dose hypofractionated, and low-dose hypofractionated in 24%, 56%, and 20% of patients, respectively. The 1-yr cumulative incidence of major complications was 3.4% (95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.0%-7.2%). The median follow-up was 14.2 mo for the entire cohort and 38.3 mo for survivors. The 1-yr cumulative incidence of progression was 4.6% (95% CI: 0.2%-9.0%), which translates to a local control rate of 95.4% (95% CI: 91.0%-99.8%) 1 yr after surgery. The median OS for the cohort was 14.8 mo. CONCLUSION: These data support the use of hybrid therapy as a safe and effective strategy for the treatment of renal cell spine metastases.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)199-206
Number of pages8
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1 Feb 2022
Externally publishedYes


  • Hybrid therapy
  • Renal cell carcinoma
  • Separation surgery
  • Spinal metastases
  • Spinal oncology
  • Spinal tumor
  • Stereotactic body radiation therapy


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