High-pT direct photon production at 11° in pp collisions at s = 63 GeV

T. Åkesson, M. G. Albrow, S. Almehed, R. Batley, O. Benary, H. Bøggild, O. Botner, H. Brody, V. Burkert, R. Carossi, W. Cleland, D. Cockerill, S. Dagan, E. Dahl-Jensen, I. Dahl-Jensen, G. Damgaard, A. Di Ciaccio, W. M. Evans, C. W. Fabian, P. FrandsenS. Frankel, W. Frati, H. Gordon, U. Goerlach, A. Hallgren, K. H. Hansen, M. Harris, B. Heck, H. J. Hilke, J. E. Hooper, G. Jarlskog, P. Jeffreys, T. Jensen, G. Kesseler, T. Killian, R. Kroeger, J. v.d. Lans, D. Lissauer, B. Lörstad, H. Lubatti, T. Ludlam, I. Mannelli, A. Markou, N. A. McCubbin, F. Meyer, U. Mjörnmark, R. Møller, W. Molzon, A. Nappi, B. S. Nielsen, A. Nilsson, L. H. Olsen, Y. Oren, G. Pierazzini, L. Rosselet, E. Rosso, R. H. Schindler, B. Schistad, I. Stumer, M. Sullivan, J. Thompson, E. Vella, W. J. Willis, M. Winik, W. Witzeling, C. Woody

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The production of direct photons has been measured relative to π0's in the rapidity range 2.00 < y < 2.75 in pp collisions at s = 63 GeV at the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings. The γ/π0 ratio increases from {less-than or approximate}2% at pT = 1.5 GeV/c to ∼8% at pT = 4.25 GeV/c, similar to the value observed near 90°. The results indicate no strong enhancement of single-photon production due to quark bremsstrahlung in this kinematic region.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)367-372
Number of pages6
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number5
StatePublished - 7 Apr 1983


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