Geomnemonic performance: Activating political ontology through unsettled remains

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The chapter examines the geomnemonic performance – a site-specific evocation of memory and imagination regarding site-based collectives. When the task is the political stakes of the question of being, the geomnemonic performance is the disputable formation of collectives at a specific site. The chapter explores the complexity of political ontology derived from re-enacting absent multiple realities through the case of The Voice/Everything is Exposed, performed at the unsettled remains of the former Palestinian village Lifta outside Jerusalem. The performance combines artistic orientation and civic activism aiming to promote the importance of preserving and recognising the erased communities at the site. However, a critical viewing of the performative shaping of the site’s accumulative past and stratified present begs the question, how can the issue of who owns the voice be problematised rather than resolved or settled? This issue is discussed through several tensions created in the performance, including the positive attempt to raise multifaceted awareness that, in fact, enables exclusive political reclamation of belonging. The geomnemonic performance itself questions the ownership over the voice and thus becomes an arena where multiple realities collide.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Routledge companion to theatre and politics
EditorsPeter Eckersall, Helena Grehan
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StatePublished - 2019

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