Gender, planning, and human rights

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This book explores the geographies and spatialities of human rights with particular emphasis on the connections between gender and human rights in planning and development. The authors argue that, in order to promote the notion of human rights, its geographies and spatialities must be investigated and be made explicit. The book contains a number of case studies which examine the significance of these components in various countries with multicultured societies and identify ways to integrate human rights issues in planning, development and policy-making. The book begins by highlighting the relationships between gender, planning and human rights through a literature review on each of the themes and by making methodological connections. The second section highlights notions of power and control as dominant factors in planning, analysing the relationships between gender, planning and human rights using case studies from the UK, Israel, Canada and Singapore. The final section discusses gendered human rights in development and policy-making processes through case studies in the USA, Peru, European Union, Australia and the Czech Republic.

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Number of pages182
ISBN (Electronic)0203011007, 0415154944, 0415154952, 1134732597, 1280195657, 661019565X, 9780203011003, 9780415154949, 9780415154956, 9786610195657
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StatePublished - 1999

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NameInternational studies of women and place

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  • Economic development -- Social aspects
  • Human rights
  • Social policy
  • Women in development
  • Women -- Economic conditions
  • Women -- Social conditions
  • Women's rights
  • Basic rights -- Human rights
  • Civil rights (International law)
  • Human rights -- Law and legislation
  • Rights, Human
  • Rights of man
  • National planning
  • State planning
  • Development and women
  • GAD (Gender and development)
  • Gender and development
  • WAD (Women and development)
  • WID (Women in development)
  • Women and development
  • Rights of women
  • Women -- Civil rights
  • Women -- Rights of women
  • Women's rights -- Law and legislation


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