Elam and Babylonia: C. 1400-1100 BC

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During the period under discussion, Elam bordered on a unified Babylonia under the Kassite dynasty, unlike when the preceding period began, under the Kidinuids (c. 1500-1400 BC), when Elam had two different political entities as western neighbours. At that time, central and northern Babylonia were ruled by the Kassites, while southern Babylonia was controlled by the so-called First Sealand Dynasty. Southern Babylonia was united with the rest of Babylonia in c. 1475 BC at the earliest (by Ulamburiaš son of Kaštiliaš III, see Brinkman 1993-1997: 6-7, cf. Gasche 2013: 72: Figure 1). The last ruler of the First Sealand Dynasty, Ea-gamil, fled to Elam (see [Carter and] Stolper 1984: 32 with n. 244). The region ruled by the First Sealand Dynasty was then exposed to Elamite influence, as no barrier separated Susiana (modern Khuzestan) from the Sealand and adjacent regions to its west.

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