Effective assimilation of technological innovation in an organization characterized as a Complex Adaptive System (CAS)

Alon E. Hasgall, Niv Ahituv, Nily Naveh

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Most organizations seek for innovative solutions to address external changes and competition. However, each organization is required to launch rapid and effective processes in order to assimilate the technological innovation. The purpose of this study was to understand whether an organization characterized as CAS (Complex Adaptive System) can affect the process of assimilating technological innovation. CAS organizations are naturally decentralized, and contain sub-systems named "fractals" that allow an immediate reaction to change in the environment, while simultaneously informing and updating all other sub-systems. A sample of 300 employees from 15 organizations of different sectors responded to an online questionnaire. Pearson and regression analyses were used to examine the relationships between the functioning of the workers as fractals in CAS organizations and their attitude toward the process of assimilation of technological innovation. The findings indicate that workers functioning as knowledge-worker were able to adhere to personal benefits together with organizational goals. They had sensitivity to changes in the environment, integration of the information required for the process, and the ability to socialize among themselves. These abilities have significantly influenced the development of positive attitudes towards the process of assimilation of technological innovation, a better understanding of the technology and its advantages to them, which make them ready to be involved in the process. The practical contribution of this study is the ability to best portray the characteristics of an optimal work environment in an organization that wishes to encourage technological innovation, to undergo assimilation processes, and to manage the dissemination of relevant knowledge for organizational use. Such an organization is required to provide its employees with a certain degree of operational autonomy, enabling them to interweave personal interests and organizational goals, and to be involved and to influence the processes of assimilating technological innovation in the organization.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)38-58
Number of pages21
JournalJournal of Innovation Management
Issue number2
StatePublished - 28 Jul 2019


  • Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Fractals
  • Innovation
  • Technology Assimilation


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