Alternatives in assessment of achievements, learning processes, and prior knowledge

Menucha Birenbaum (Editor), Filip J. R. C. Dochy (Editor)

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Achievement assessment has undergone a major shift, from what some call a 'culture of testing' to a 'culture of assessment'. Nowadays, a strong emphasis is placed on the integration of assessment and instruction, on assessing processes rather than just products, and on evaluating individual progress relative to each student's starting point. This book addresses assessment issues in light of the present state of affairs. The first part discusses new alternatives in the assessment of achievement in various subject areas, focusing on agenda, practice, impact and evaluation of the assessment. The second part deals with issues related to assessment of the learning process, specifically: questions concerning the assessment of individual differences in prior knowledge, learning skills and strategies.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBoston
PublisherKluwer Academic Pub
Number of pages395
ISBN (Electronic)9789401106573
ISBN (Print)0792396154
StatePublished - 1996

Publication series

NameEvalution in education and human services
PublisherKluwer Academic Pub

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  • Academic achievement -- Evaluation
  • Educational tests and measurements
  • Learning -- Evaluation
  • Educational assessment -- Educational tests and measurements
  • Educational measurements
  • Mental tests -- Educational tests and measurements
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