Ahad Ha'am and the Jewish Volksgeist

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Ahad Ha'am has been described by Oavid Vital not only as the 'sage of Zionism',1but as perhaps the only genuine thinker of this national movement. As Vital notes, the interest in Ahad Ha'am has been continuous through out the twentieth century, and his writings remain pertinent to current debates. Infact, the sewritings possess particular significance for Jews and Israelis as they enter the twenty-first century and add resspressing concerns about the meaning of Jewish identity, the best ways of preserving and cultivating this identity and the overall place of literary culture in contemporary life. But while Ahad Ha'am's thinking is highly relevant to the sedebates, his thought is often misconstrued, since it is examined through lenses focused too tightly on the early ideological polemics of the early Zionist movement and exclusively within its compass.
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