J. N. Butters*, J. R. Bohn, W. G. Gottenberg, William N. Sharpe, W. L. Bingham, Charles M. Vest, T. D. Dudderar, R. O'Regan, E. Marom, R. K. Mueller, J. Lankford, Philip H. Francis, Robert H. Chambers, Jean H. Fillous, Tomas E. Firle

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Following is a continuation of the list of titles and authors: Laser Holography and Speckle Patterns in Metrological Techniques of Nondestructive Testing. By J. N. Butters. Holography for Materials Response Measurements. By J. R. Bohn and W. G. Gottenberg. Interferometric Surface Strain Measurement. By William N. Sharpe, Jr. On Diffraction-Measured Strains at Ultra-High Rates. By W. L. Bingham. Holographic Interferometry in Material Testing. By Charles M. Vest. Holographic Interferometry in Materials Research and Fracture Mechanics. By T. D. Dudderar and R. O'Regan. Optical Correlation for Impending Fatigue Failure Detection. By E. Marom and R. K. Mueller. Magnetic Field Perturbation Due to Metallurgical Defects. By J. Lankford and Philip H. Francis. Strain Release Method of Study of Microplasticity of Solids. By Robert H. Chambers, Jean H. Filloux, and Tomas E. Firle. Mechanical Properties of Solids and Crystal Defect Behavior-Studies by Means of Ultrasonic Methods. By C. Elbaum.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 1970
EventAdv exp Tech in the Mech of Mater, Symp, Proc, Pap - San Antonio, TX, USA
Duration: 9 Sep 197011 Sep 1970


ConferenceAdv exp Tech in the Mech of Mater, Symp, Proc, Pap
CitySan Antonio, TX, USA


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