A study of the three- and four-photon final states produced in e+e- annihilation at 35≤ s≤46.8 GeV

H. J. Behrend*, L. Criegee, J. B. Dainton, J. H. Field, G. Franke, H. Jung, J. Meyer, V. Schröder, G. G. Winter, P. J. Bussey, C. Buttar, A. J. Campbell, D. Hendry, G. McCurrach, J. M. Scarr, I. O. Skillicorn, K. M. Smith, J. Ahme, V. Blobel, M. FeindtH. Fenner, J. Harjes, J. H. Peters, M. Poppe, H. Spitzer, W. D. Apel, A. Böhrer, J. Engler, G. Flügge, D. C. Fries, J. Fuster, K. Gamerdinger, P. Grosse-Wiesmann, J. Hansmeyer, J. Knapp, H. Küster, P. Mayer, H. Müller, K. H. Ranitzsch, H. Schneider, J. Wolf, W. De Boer, G. Buschhorn, G. Grindhammer, B. Gunderson, Ch Kiesling, R. Kotthaus, H. Kroha, D. Lüers, H. Oberlack, P. Schacht, S. Scholz, G. Shooshtari, W. Wiedenmann, M. Davier, J. F. Grivaz, J. Haissinski, P. Janot, V. Journé, D. W. Kim, F. Le Diberder, A. Spadafora, J. J. Veillet, K. Blohm, R. George, M. Goldberg, O. Hamon, F. Kapusta, L. Poggioli, M. Rivoal, G. D'Agostini, F. Ferrarotto, M. Gaspero, B. Stella, G. Cozzika, Y. Ducros, G. Alexander, G. Bella, J. Grunhaus, A. Klatchko, A. Levy, C. Milstène

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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The reactions e+e-→γγγ and e+e-→γγγγ have been studied at center-of-mass energies between 35 and 46.8 GeV with an integrated luninosity of about 130 pb-1accumulated with the CELLO detector at PETRA. The measurements are compared to QED calculations up to third and fourth orders of perturbation theory. Excellent agreement is observed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)154-160
Number of pages7
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number1
StatePublished - 25 Feb 1988


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