A Newly Developed Wearable Chest Strap for Measuring Pulmonary Ventilation During Exercise

G. Harel, R. Reuveni, M. Segel, O. Inbar, G. Dubnov-Raz, Mickey Scheinowitz

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Pulmonary ventilation (VE) is a fundamental physiological parameter making it possible to assess exercise intensity by measuring ventilatory anaerobic threshold (VAT) during exercise stress test. Present wearable training devices do not measure VE, hence, measuring VAT during exercise testing is currently performed exclusively in the laboratory by using Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Test (CPET)
which is a costly and cumbersome equipment. This paper describes a new, wearable chest strap developed to measure pulmonary ventilation (VE) equivalent in the field. The chest strap consists of a stretch sensor measuring the breathing frequency (BF) and the relative tidal volume (VT, driven by thorax expansion), a vertical accelerometer for canceling running impacts and a heart rate monitor. The sampled data is streamed via Bluetooth link to an external computing device such as smart phone/watch or a PC where signal processing algorithms in time and frequency domains are used to filter the sampled signals and calculate the VE equivalent being the product of BF x VT.
Healthy young adults (n = 20) age 20-35 wearing the chest strap performed maximal incremental running test (using CPET) to compare between the two methods; VE measured by CPET and VE equivalent measured by the chest strap. After correcting motion artifacts the correlation between the two VE curves was very high (r = 0.94) proving the chest strap can accurately measure pulmonary attributes (BF, relative VT, and VE equivalent), during running exercise
Conclusion: The newly developed wearable chest strap measures pulmonary ventilation equivalent with high accuracy, which makes it suitable serve as a personal training device during running activity.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)29-40
Number of pages12
Issue number4
StatePublished - 20 Mar 2021


  • FFT
  • Strain
  • Tidal volume
  • Pulmonary
  • Ventilation
  • wearable


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