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  • Ataxia-Telangiectasia mutated plays an important role in cerebellar integrity and functionality

    Mitiagin, Y. & Barzilai, A., Mar 2023, In: Neural Regeneration Research. 18, 3, p. 497-502 6 p.

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  • Dysfunction of cerebellar microglia in Ataxia-telangiectasia

    Levi, H., Bar, E., Cohen-Adiv, S., Sweitat, S., Kanner, S., Galron, R., Mitiagin, Y. & Barzilai, A., Mar 2022, In: GLIA. 70, 3, p. 536-557 22 p.

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  • Inhibition of Sema-3A Promotes Cell Migration, Axonal Growth, and Retinal Ganglion Cell Survival

    Nitzan, A., Corredor-Sanchez, M., Galron, R., Nahary, L., Safrin, M., Bruzel, M., Moure, A., Bonet, R., Pérez, Y., Bujons, J., Vallejo-Yague, E., Sacks, H., Burnet, M., Alfonso, I., Messeguer, A., Benhar, I., Barzilai, A. & Solomon, A. S., 24 Nov 2021, In: Translational Vision Science and Technology. 10, 10, 16.

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  • Reactive astrocyte nomenclature, definitions, and future directions

    Escartin, C., Galea, E., Lakatos, A., O’Callaghan, J. P., Petzold, G. C., Serrano-Pozo, A., Steinhäuser, C., Volterra, A., Carmignoto, G., Agarwal, A., Allen, N. J., Araque, A., Barbeito, L., Barzilai, A., Bergles, D. E., Bonvento, G., Butt, A. M., Chen, W. T., Cohen-Salmon, M., Cunningham, C., & 61 othersDeneen, B., De Strooper, B., Díaz-Castro, B., Farina, C., Freeman, M., Gallo, V., Goldman, J. E., Goldman, S. A., Götz, M., Gutiérrez, A., Haydon, P. G., Heiland, D. H., Hol, E. M., Holt, M. G., Iino, M., Kastanenka, K. V., Kettenmann, H., Khakh, B. S., Koizumi, S., Lee, C. J., Liddelow, S. A., MacVicar, B. A., Magistretti, P., Messing, A., Mishra, A., Molofsky, A. V., Murai, K. K., Norris, C. M., Okada, S., Oliet, S. H. R., Oliveira, J. F., Panatier, A., Parpura, V., Pekna, M., Pekny, M., Pellerin, L., Perea, G., Pérez-Nievas, B. G., Pfrieger, F. W., Poskanzer, K. E., Quintana, F. J., Ransohoff, R. M., Riquelme-Perez, M., Robel, S., Rose, C. R., Rothstein, J. D., Rouach, N., Rowitch, D. H., Semyanov, A., Sirko, S., Sontheimer, H., Swanson, R. A., Vitorica, J., Wanner, I. B., Wood, L. B., Wu, J., Zheng, B., Zimmer, E. R., Zorec, R., Sofroniew, M. V. & Verkhratsky, A., Mar 2021, In: Nature Neuroscience. 24, 3, p. 312-325 14 p.

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  • NBS1 interacts with Notch signaling in neuronal homeostasis

    Zhou, Z. W., Kirtay, M., Schneble, N., Yakoub, G., Ding, M., Rüdiger, T., Siniuk, K., Lu, R., Jiang, Y. N., Li, T. L., Kaether, C., Barzilai, A. & Wang, Z. Q., 4 Nov 2020, In: Nucleic Acids Research. 48, 19, p. 10924-10939 16 p.

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