Vacuum Oven

  • Gidon Jacob (Manager)

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    ATV SRO-700 is a versatile tabletop IR vacuum reflow system for semiconductor and MEMS applications.

    Temperature: 450 °C, up to 750 °C.
    Heated plate ramping: > 3.5 °C/second (ramping up) ; >2 °C/second (ramping down).
    Pressure: ~ 5x10-5 mbar.
    Footprint: 770 x 560 x 800mm (L x W x H).
    Weight: 65 kg.
    Chamber height: 100mm.
    Heated area: 230 x 217mm.
    Chamber lid opening/closing: Manual.
    IR Heating: Array of 8 IR lamps in Quartz glass tubes (2 Heating zones).
    Power connection: 3Ph-N-PE 230/400v, 50/60Hz.
    Power: 6.5 kW.

    Common Applications:
    Power Semiconductors.
    MEMS Devices.
    DIE Attachment.
    High Power LED.
    Hybrid Assembly.
    Flip Chip.
    Package Sealing.

    Wolfson building of Electrical Engineering, Room #301.


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