TEM Talos F200i

  • George Levi (Manager)

Equipment/facility: Equipment

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    Line resolution: ≤0.10 nm
    Operating system XX units
    Controller: Windows® 10
    Remote controllable: Yes
    Vacuum system
    Airlock pumping: Oil- and vibration-free
    Cold trap: Standard
    Long-duration Dewar: Optional - at least 4 days stand-time (between refills)
    STEM imaging
    STEM resolution:  
    ≤0.16 nm (S-FEG/X-FEG)
    ≤0.14 nm with 100pA (X-CFEG)
    Detectors: HAADF and/or On-axis Panther BF/DF
    Energy disersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS)
    Detector size (Bruker X-flash): 30, 100 or dual 100 mm2
    Retractable: Yes, motorized
    Electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS)
    ≤0.8 eV (S-FEG/X-FEG)
    ≤0.3 eV (X-CFEG)
    Gun brightness 200 kV
    4×108 A /cm2 srad (S-FEG)
    1.8×109 A /cm2 srad (X-FEG)
    2.4×109 A /cm2 srad (X-CFEG)


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