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  • Boris Yofis (Manager)

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    Oerlikon 790 Reactive Ion Etcher.

    Various high and low densities fluorine chemistry-based plasma reactive-ion etchers for insulators, semimetals and semiconductor materials. The 790 series RIE (reactive ion etcher) is used to etch various materials, such as silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, and various polymers from the surface of a substrate using several reactive gases in a RF (radio frequency) induced plasma.

    Etching gases: O2 (oxygen), Ar (argon), SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride), CF4 (tetrafluoromethane) and CHF3 (trifluoromethane).
    Anisotropic thin film etching.
    The typical etching rate of silicon is ~15 nm/min
    The typical etching rate of silicon oxide is ~25 nm/min.
    The typical etching rate of silicon nitride is 20 nm/min.

    Clean Room, Nano center building.


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