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  • Boris yofis (Manager)

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    Veeco Dektak 6M Surface Profiler.

    The Dektak 6M is a contact profilometer used for surface topography, waviness and roughness measurements. This tool can measure step height of thin films (~500Å to 100um), by a diamond-tip stylus that contacts the sample.

    Vertical Range: ~500Å - 100um.
    Stylus: Diamond tip, 12.5μm radius.
    Stylus Tracking Force: 1mg – 15mg (software selectable).
    Sample Stage Size: up to 6” (150 mm) wafers.
    Max Sample thickness: 31.75 mm.
    Max Sample weight: 680gr.
    No liquids or uncured polymer, photoresist, or spin on films, are allowed.
    Providing 2D and 3D mapping.

    Clean Room, Nano center building.


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