Mask Aligner MA6/BA GEN4

  • Erez Benjamin (Other)University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Tel Aviv University

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    KARL SUSS MA/BA6 Mask Aligner.
    The SUSS MA/BA6 mask aligner is widely recognized as a benchmark in semiconductor submicron research and microsystems production. It is designed for all standard lithography applications and wafer sizes of up to 150 mm. For thick-resist MEMS applications, the MA/BA6 offers high resolution and optimum edge quality. The bottom side alignment option allows for pattern printing on both sides of the substrate.
    Flood exposure, soft, hard, and vacuum contact capable.
    Topside and backside alignment.
    1 ┬Ám feature size. Resolution in thin resists.
    Chucks and mask holders in different sizes.
    Processing of wafers or squares from 2" to 150mm.
    Engineering Cleanroom, Wolfson building of Electrical Engineering.


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