Magnetron Sputter Penta

  • Sergio Bloch (Manager)

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    Physical vapor deposition by plasma-based deposition In which positively charged ions from the plasma are accelerated toward target by an electrical field.
    Magnetron Sputtering systems for both dielectric (RF magnetron) and metallic materials (DC magnetron).

    Au, Ag, Al, Cr, Cu, In, Ni, Mo, Si-intr, Ta, Ti, Al2O3, ITO, Ni:Cr(80:20), SiC, SiO2, SiNx, TiN, TiO2.

    Up to 6‘’ wafers.
    Load lock.
    Base pressure up to E-8 Torr.
    4 magnetron heads (3DC+1RF).
    Max power DC-500W, RF 300W.
    Typical deposition rate: 2 Å/sec for Au.

    Engineering Cleanroom, Wolfson building of Electrical Engineering.
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