Helios 5 UC Dual Beam FIB and HR-SEM

  • Roy Davidi (Manager)

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    Manufacturer and model: ThermoFisher, Dual Beam Helios 5 UC

    The Helios 5 UC is an integrated focused ion beam ‘FIB’ (Ga+) and scanning electron beam (SEM), dual functionality in one machine. The ion column provides fast and precise milling, patterning and imaging of the sample's surface.
    The superior low voltage performance of the ion column facilitates to produce a high-quality thin lamella for TEM.
    A Multi-Chem system provides an accurate deposition/etching capability of different layers on the sample. By applying a simultaneous operation of the columns, it is possible to slice the sample very gently and to acquit an immediate SEM image of the slice. By repeating these steps, it is possible to reconstruct a 3D model of the specimen.

    Our tool capabilities include:
    Cross Section (CS) - milling and imaging, including EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectrometry)
    Lamella preparation for TEM measurements (including polish in low KV)
    Milling with Ion beam (Ga+ 30KV)
    Polish with ion beam, including low KV (2-30KV)
    Ion Imaging
    Tomography (3D structure)
    Ion lithography (pattern) - (up to resolution of ~20nm)

    Nano center building.


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