Femtosecond Laser ELAS

  • Roy Davidi (Manager)

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    Precise laser micro machining is achieved by ultra-short laser pulses, precision of positioning stages and state of the art optics. In MASTER series workstations femtosecond laser pulses cause minimal heat-affected zone and maximize spatial precision. Femto-second pulse laser direct sublimation of all materials.

    Three possible wavelengths: 1064nm, 532nm and 355nm (UV, VIS, NIR).
    Pulse length 280 femtosecond.
    Power up to 10W.
    Pulse rate between 44KHz and 200KHz.
    Stage Precision ±1 micron.
    Spot size 2μm at 355nm, 30μm micron at 1064nm.
    Travel XY: 200mm Z: 100mm.
    Control by SCA software, can use DXF, PLT and STL files.

    Machining Applications:
    Glass, thin metal sheets, Si wafer cutting, Polyimide (Kapton), PDMS, biopolymers, ceramics, silicon nitride membranes, sapphire, diamond, carbon-fiber enforced resin.

    Nano center building


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